SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, one of the top 30 translation and interpreting companies in the world (Common Sense Advisory Ranking), has launched its new website, an innovative tool that promises to be a benchmark for the translation and interpreting sector.

The new site,, has an innovative design, with an interface oriented at providing an attentive user experience. New features include engagement with social networks, innovative audiovisual formats, new downloadable content, and access to a new virtual press room with all of the latest news from the company.

SeproTec new website

This project is another step in SeproTec’s innovation policy, a company that has managed to stay ahead of the market through innovation and the development of technology capable of optimizing its processes and making them more global, efficient and flexible.


SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, una de las 30 empresas de traducción e interpretación más importantes del mundo (Ranking Common Sense Advisory), ha presentado su nueva página web, una herramienta innovadora que promete ser un punto de referencia en para el sector de la traducción y la interpretación.

La nueva página,, presenta un diseño innovador, con una interfaz programada bajo una atenta experiencia de usuario. Sus nuevas funcionalidades incluyen la interacción con redes sociales, innovadores soportes audiovisuales, la descarga de nuevos contenidos y el acceso a una nueva sala de prensa virtual con todas las novedades de la compañía.

Nueva web de Seprotec

Este proyecto es un paso más en la política de innovación de SeproTec, una compañía que ha sabido anticiparse al mercado a través de la innovación y el desarrollo de una tecnología capaz de optimizar sus procesos y de hacerlos más globales, ágiles y flexibles.


SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, one of the 30 most important translation and interpreting companies in the world (Common Sense Advisory Ranking), has been chosen by EASO, the European Asylum Support Office, to provide comprehensive interpreting service in the 24 official languages of the European Union, as well as Arabic, Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish and Ukrainian.

“The refugee crisis affects us directly. We are a multicultural team made up of more than 380 people, and many of our interpreters’ families are affected by the migratory crisis. We are not content with just listening, we want to get involved and help out, and the best way of doing that is focusing on what we do best: building bridges between different cultures and ensuring that we understand each other,” asserted Álvaro Salamanca, Institutional Relations Manager at SeproTec.

SeproTec has worked with Asylum and Refugee Offices for years providing a wide-ranging interpreting and cross-cultural mediation services. This work is essential in the process of welcoming refugees and asylum-seekers. Moreover, SeproTec has worked for the Public Administration in many countries, including those belonging to: the EU, UNICEF, the UN, the Arab League, the African Union, etc.

The company’s team of translators and interpreters strive to eliminate communication barriers. The role of interpreter is not always that of a cross-cultural mediator, nor does it necessarily have to be, but sometimes it is. To play this role the interpreter must have an excellent command of both languages and must adapt his/her speech, messages and non-verbal communication to both parties: the refugee and the host..

SeproTec also has a telephone interpreting service capable of linking clients and interpreters in less than two minutes through a simple call – a service designed to attend to the most urgent interpreting needs, such as for emergency services.


El idioma de los refugiados

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SeproTec, la empresa líder del sector en España y una de las 30 empresas de traducción e interpretación más importantes del mundo (Ranking Common Sense Advisory), ha sido la elegida por la EASO, Oficina Europea de Apoyo al Asilo, para prestar un servicio integral de interpretación en los 24 idiomas oficiales de la Unión Europea además del árabe, albanés, armenio, azerí, georgiano, ruso, serbio, turco o ucraniano.

«El drama de la inmigración nos afecta directamente. Somos un equipo multicultural compuesto por más de 380 personas y muchas de las familias de nuestros intérpretes se encuentran afectadas por la crisis migratoria. No nos conformamos con escuchar, queremos participar y ayudar, y la mejor forma de hacerlo es trabajando en lo que sabemos hacer: tender puentes entre diferentes culturas y asegurar el entendimiento mutuo» nos cuenta Álvaro Salamanca, director de Relaciones Institucionales de SeproTec.

La empresa ha trabajado durante años para la Oficina Española de Asilo y Refugio prestando un amplio servicio de interpretación y mediación intercultural, un trabajo imprescindible en el proceso de acogida de refugiados o asilados. Además, SeproTec ha trabajado para los Juzgados de distintas Comunidades Autónomas, para la Policía Nacional, la Guardia Civil, los Servicios de Emergencias o distintos Ministerios.

«Contamos con un equipo increible de traductores e intérpretes que trabajan para eliminar las barreras de comunicación. No siempre la figura del intérprete es, o debe ser, la de un mediador intercultural. En otras ocasiones sí. Para ello, el intérprete debe tener un claro dominio de las dos lenguas y saber adaptar su discurso y sus mensajes a las dos partes: refugiado y acogedor» continúa Salamanca.

SeproTec cuenta además con un servicio de interpretación telefónica, capaz de poner en contacto al solicitante y al intérprete en menos de dos minutos a través de una simple llamada, un servicio pensado para atender las necesidades de interpretación más inmediatas como son los servicios de emergencias: hospitales, bomberos, 112, etc.


The prestigious independent consulting firm Common Sense Advisory has once again prepared its annual ranking of the most important companies in the world in the translation and interpreting industry, with the participation of more than 1,000 companies from across the globe. With more than 150 million words translated last year, an average of 350 interpreting sessions per day and more than 900 clients worldwide, SeproTec Multilingual Solutions has positioned itself as the leading translation and interpreting company in Spain, the second in southern Europe and one of the top 30 companies globally.

SeproTec has risen 8 places in comparison to the previous ranking, jumping from 36th place in 2014 to 28th place in the space of just one year. This growth is due to the increase in business volume in the international market as well as important new global contracts being awarded for translation, interpreting and localization services.

For Juan Julián León, CEO of SeproTec, “this recognition rewards the hard work and effort put in by our whole team. We have our sights set on growing in the international market by opening new offices to be closer to our customers. Everything we do, we do for our customers, and that dedication to service is what has led us to be present in 13 countries and to offer some of the most comprehensive and tailored services in our industry. We are very pleased and will keep on working as we have until now to continue to climb the ranking.”

SeproTec Multilingual Solutions is a company with over 25 years of experience in the industry, and has developed a wide range of services that help different companies and institutions to carry out their international communication without worrying about language issues. It is present in 13 countries and has over 380 employees.


SeproTec, words matter

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SeproTec, cada palabra cuenta.

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This online magazine takes as its mission to help the world communicate better. The language industry holds the key to success of ever more globalizing business and governance. Entrepreneurs and workers in the language industry are hardly aware of the strategic function they fulfill in this time of ‘hyperglobalization”.

Politicians, businessmen and in fact consumers, citizens of the world, they all become more and more dependent on the language sector. It is for them that we put together this quarterly review, for everyone who is interested in language technology and business and who believes that translation in every language should be available to everyone, just like electricity, water and the internet.

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